to Establish National Audit Committee
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In theafternoon of March 7th, Dong Dasheng, the member of the CPPCC NationalCommittee, the former deputy auditor-general of the Audit Commission suggested inthe economic joint group meeting that we should learn from supervision systemreform, establish National Audit Committee. In addition, he believes that we alsoneed to establish the National Audit Committee from the aspect of strengtheningthe independence of audit.


It isnecessary to research on audit system reform.


InNovember 7th last year, the Office issued the "program on nationalsupervision system reform pilot in Beijing City, Shanxi and Zhejiang Province",officially launched the reform of national supervision system.


DongDasheng said the reform of national supervision system will get much attention,and the personnel of audit system will also concern whether the auditinstitutions will be incorporated into the supervisory committee. However, hedidn't think so, first, because it is not part of the pilot scheme; second, thestate supervision and audit supervision are two different behaviors, state supervisionis to supervise the behaviors of state public servants in implementation of thelaw and discipline, and audit supervision is for the public funds, state-ownedassets, state-owned resources and economic responsibilities of leading cadres, isthe supervision of things.


However,thinking from the reform of national supervision system, he believes that it isnecessary to research on audit system reform, to establish the National AuditCommittee.

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