The signing ceremony of Hainan University Education Foundation, “China Regal International Grants”, was successfully carried out, the project was officially started
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On theafternoon of June 21, 2016, the signing ceremony of China Regal InternationalGroup and Hainan University was held as scheduled in Humanities and SocialSciences Building of Hainan University, "China Regal International Grants”is officially started. And the co-operation attaches great importance by boththe school and the enterprise.

Mr. He Peigang, the board of directors of China Regalinternational Group, the sponsor of “China Regal International Grants”, thefounder of China Regal CPAs and the chief accountant, Li Xiufeng, the deputyGeneral Manager of China Regal International Group and the chief financialofficer, Yi Peng, the director of China Regal CPAs Hainan branch, Wu Dinglang,the general manager of Hainan branch, Fu Chengyan, the director of HainanUniversity Education Fund and the director of Student Affairs Ministry, HuGuoliu, the dean of School of Economics and Management, Feng Guangbo, the PartySecretary of School of Economics and Management, and other college leaders andstudent representatives attend the signing ceremony.

Topromote fairness in education and the development of education of Hainanuniversity, help the poor students to complete their studies successfully, alsostimulate them to study diligently, China Regal International initiated theestablishment of Hainan University Education Foundation, “China RegalInternational Grants”, to finance the students of poor families and excellent learningof financial management, accounting and CPA professions in Economics and ManagementSchool of Hainan university.