10 tips for going international
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1.  Identify and understand the international needs of your existing clients

2.  Identified the environmental and business trends in your domestic market that are seeing international flows of trade?

3.  What are the servies that you can provide that could potentially fulfil the needs of these trends?

4.  Are your networking and marketing activities aligned with supporting this approach?

5.  Ensure that your maximise the exposure of your international capability through your website,leverage of AGN membership and international collaterals.

6.  Ensure your staff (and wider network) are fullu briefed about the AGN membership and its potential benefit to clients.

7.  Use tools that AGN is providing such as BOBs,social media content,tax surveys etc etc...

8.  Develop an international team to respond to any international opportunity that arises.

9.  Focus on building relationships with the AGN members firm partners in countries where international work could emerge.

10.  Provide sufficient time and resources for your strategy to deliver results

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